Is it time to think about Teacher Training at HARD yoga?

One of the most significant life events for me was learning the intricacies of yoga. I knew that yoga felt good in my body, and I resonate with much of the teachings and themes that are offered by various teachers. I love learning new things and understanding them so when I opened the door though Yoga Teacher Training it was then that I began to see a bigger picture for myself.

Yoga is a physical class. Yoga is a way of life and yoga can be both. Being a teacher of yoga is what you will be credentialed in, but you choose to do with this knowledge as you see fit. When you join in teacher training at HARD yoga, you become yoga with new life long friendships blossomed.

Sit with like minded friends, learn the intricacies of yoga and take the seat of TEACHER.

Training starts January 17th - Come to our open house following a special chakra flow sequence with sound-bath and meditation


TEACHER TRAINING OPEN HOUSE 7:30 - 8:30 pm (following class)

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