Monica Carroll: The HARD yoga Story


Hard Yoga founder Monica Carroll began her journey as many of us do - out of a desire to know more. After many years in the traditional Western fitness industry, Monica's body began to show significant signs that something was out of alignment. Despite having sculpted a competition-ready physical body that many strive to achieve - Monica was experiencing frequent migraines and started to yearn for knowledge about what was really happening inside of her. 

Yoga as a Path Toward Healing

Investigation of her migraines led to a deeper understanding of nutrition, and yearning for a way to calm the pain in her muscles and joints  the discovery of yoga first as a stretching and pain relief method sent Monica off on a path that would change her life. 

Over the next several years, Monica Carroll left years of Western, traditional fitness behind and dove head-first into practicing, and then teaching yoga. She found that even yoga had been Westernized, and vowed to do things differently when she grew into her own studio. 

"Once big business took over yoga in the West, the methodology changed." 

HARD yoga is Born

Monica started out with a desire to share nutritional information to her students at other local yoga studios, who desired a more sustainable path. Soon, she started HARD yoga out of the back of her car, where she loaded and unloaded every day into dance studio that she sub-leased. Each day, Monica set up HARD yoga inside this dance studio until she could afford to also lease the location next door.  Within 1 year, HARD yoga had grown and relocated to a 5,000 sq ft studio located just 2 miles from the original location now at 6781 Warner Ave in Huntington Beach.

Now that she leads her own, beautiful yoga studio in Huntington Beach, Monica strives to hand down the original teachings from the original masters with a modern day, light hearted approach. Understanding the true teachings of the philosophies from the masters was always very intriguing. Today, modern day physical fitness has landed on top of yoga and it has lost most of the fundamental teachings. Yoga today is mainly for exercise and it ends there.  Monica found this an obvious void in the true meaning of yoga. 

HARD yoga seeks to fill that void, and it is Monica's deepest wish to share the teachings of yoga and spread a small shred of peace in her own personal way. 

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