Class Descriptions

yoga FLOW I  offers students more time to get acquainted with the asanas (poses) while moving in a fluid way.  Gentler layers are offered first allowing students to move at a pace that is comfortable  - non heated - beginner+

yoga FLOW I-II offers evolving options for the advancing yogi's such as a variety of inversions and longer and more difficult holds and choreography. 

yoga FLOW III if a faster moving vinyasa class that offers a quicker warm up and longer more advanced sequences and holds.  45 min 

Rock - n- Roll FLOW is a I-II yoga flow class choreographed to the jams of rock and roll and more current artists.  Class is designed to be uplifting and energetic while removing the stigmas of yoga by keeping the vibe rockin’. 

yoga SCULPT Monica's signature blend of fluid moving, choreographed vinyasa yoga complimented with various strength and fitness modalities to create a leaner, toner body without losing any of your yoga practice. This multi level workout is aimed to leave you stronger, leaner, and enlightened, all while developing a multi level yoga practice. 

INVERSIONS:  offers students time to develop more advanced postures and inversions such as headstand, handstand, crow, firefly, and more.  Students will work on one inversion per session.  - 30 minutes 

YIN YOGA is the gentlest yoga experience packed with a big results.  Yin yoga is designed to be approachable to both a brand new yogi and advanced yogis alike, moving into the deep muscle and fascia for release, repair and decompression, and stress relief.  Great for injuries, stress, insomnia, addiction, and so much more.  Therapeutics props are supplied for deep fascia release, spinal realignment, injury repair and sore muscle relief; accompanied with chakra balancing sound bath for a complete experience.

YIN YOGA TUNE UP is a deep release yin yoga class designed to help with pain, injuries, tired muscles, fatigue, insomnia and more through the use of rollers, tune up balls, straps, bands, blocks and more.  Fascia is lengthened and released for the deepest stretch of all.  Great for all bodies. 

AERIAL YOGA is a unique yoga experience where industrial silks are used to help students in various anti gravity postures.   Build strength and length in this dynamic upbeat experience like no other.  4 hour pre registration is required to reserve your silk / no jewelry - no late cancels

AERIAL therapy is a softer approach to aerial yoga focusing on using the anti-gravity silks to open up the body, release built up tension, repair injuries, realign chakras, decompress, and de-stress. This class is great for all levels 60 minutes - dress in layers / for your safety NO JEWELRY- no late cancels - 4 hours advance registration required to reserve and prep equipment and silks  

HOT-PILATES is a popular cross fusion class that blends philosophies and disciplines of YOGA with the strength building core philosophies of PILATES, TRX, and various strength and fitness modalities; the focus is the details in this highly skilled format available to all levels - 60 min - heated - Be prepared to sweat!

hard BARRE ®  is HARD yoga's signature blend of ballet and pilates designed to achieve maximize results in minimum time. Hard BARRE focuses on 

biomechanics, increasing strength, gaining flexibility, building stamina, and promoting stability in a fun and musically charged class while significantly improving your seat.  

GUIDED MEDITATION  offers students a way to alleviate stress and realign the body in record time. In this guided meditation class students will be navigated through the energy body using breathing, sound, and visualization techniques to access the chakras and energy pathways to stimulated and rejuvenate.  Great for injuries, insomnia, anxiety, depression, overactivity, ADD, coping, peace of mind. 

SOUNDBATH Lay down and be prepared to be taken away in this total body, sound bath immersion. Gongs and other sound techniques are professionally played to immerse your senses in a total body vibration. Nadis (energy pathways) are stimulated and rejuvenated and chakras are easily accessed and aligned removing stress from the energy body. Great for insomnia, anxiety, depression, overactivity, a.d.d., and more -  60 minutes - all levels