HARD Yoga is More Than Movement

HARD Yoga provides services that complement the physical asanas of yoga to keep mind and body refreshed and flourishing. Explore our ever-changing calendar of offerings from ongoing opportunities for nutrition counseling and Reiki healing, to retreats, pop-up shops, community events and more. One of the unique things about HARD yoga is that we are more than just movement, we are community. 



HARD yoga offers seasonal nutrition lessons, cleanse, and fitness challenges to help jump start your season, your metabolism and energy.



Make your birthday or special event memorable with your very own yoga class.  Invite guests for an experience they will never forget and share the gift of yoga .



Enjoy seasonal, organic kombucha made from a local award winning fermentor Fermenche for unusual taste pairings and seasonal selections. 




THU SEPT 6th 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.                

Join HY for a special evening of yoga, sound and meditation.  Join master teachers Monica Carroll, Ali Moon and Kristi Lynn as they guide you through your senses and body in a way you will not deny!  

Our bodies respond to sound and vibration and when you add breath and mindfully choreographed movement it becomes an adventure into yourself.  

Vibrations will be offered by Gong Master Kristi Lynn throughout the flow class and chakra tuned singing bowls to line up with the body being released.  Complete the journey with Goddess Ali Moon who will guide our meditation while sound bath complete with gongs, bowls, rain, and a variety of sound techniques are sure to take you away 

TEACHER TRAINING OPEN HOUSE follows in our HARD yoga lounge with beverages and snacks -