HARD yoga Member Reviews

Curious about what our members and guests love about HARD yoga? Read on for details.


5 Stars on YELP

Thank you to everyone who has rated us on YELP. We strive to provide the best possible yoga and fitness experience in Orange County, and are humbled and grateful for the praise we've received. Read selected reviews below, and visit us on YELP for more. 

Lorna J.

“Monica is truly an exceptional yoga instructor! Her yoga classes are excellent and she integrates her holistic approach to health and wellness into her studio. I highly recommend Hard Yoga!”

Amy B.

“I was on break from school, in desperate need of working out and getting back into shape. I started practicing yoga at CorePower Yoga and wanted to try some other studios, and decided to give Hard Yoga a try. Best decision I’ve made in a long time!

The main room is giant and they’ll never pack you in like sardines, which I really love and appreciate. My favorite class is Hard Yoga, which is very similar to Yoga Sculpt at CPY, but with more yoga infused. It takes a lot to get me sore, and this class consistently gets me sore in the most amazing places!

This is going to be my gold standard for workout/yoga studios, and I will most definitely always try to make it to a class when I’m back in town!”

April I.

“Monica is truly the best yoga instructor I have ever taken and I’m even certified myself. Love love Hard yoga it’s amazing!!”

Calee K.

“It’s been 6 days and already my body and I are reaping the benefits. I sleep better, make better diet choices, feel longer, I can HARDLY wait for tomorrow, +there’s child care. For me it’s a done deal!!”

Stacey D.

“All time favorite workout! Addicted to this studio, instructor, and all the information I get from attending. I was never a fan of yoga and I hardly ever sweat... But those 2 things changed once I started HY!”

Courtney S.

“BEST instructor I’ve had the pleasure of learning from... Monica pushes your physical strength, challenges your mental awareness and gives you pieces of spiritual wisdom with every class!! Such a pleasure!”

Cheryl C.

“I love love love Hard Yoga's new studio! It’s so beautiful. Bali style decor with a calm, tranquil bliss feel will make any yogi feel at home here. There are two huge rooms with numerous classes with morning & evening class times offered. The studio offers barre, ashtanga, flow, hard yoga and many other classes. Every teacher at the studio is highly trained and knows their craft beautifully. I feel so refreshed & enlightened after each & every class I attend. There are also nutrition & yogi workshops thought the month too. 

Michelle T.

“Best yoga studio around. I have been to many, many studios and found just the right balance at Hard Yoga. As the name oh so subtly suggests: it is hard. (beginners: keep reading) It builds muscles I didn’t even know I had. I am stronger from practicing here than any other studio around, and have seen awesome changes in my body. But at the same time Monica, the owner and main teacher, and her staff are THE REAL DEAL. Before I first gave it a shot, I was afraid I would get “aerobics gym yoga,” but was pleasantly surprised. Monica is deeply into meditation, sound baths, and other aspects of yoga beyond the purely physical. She is a kind nurturing soul who can kick your butt when needed. She meets each student at his or her own level and clearly sees needs and strengths. Then she knows just how to guide you to where you want to be. She is so passionate about helping all yogis develop on their path and I feel so blessed to have found Hard Yoga! 10 stars!!"